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Started by distantkitty, April 04, 2023, 04:41:34 PM

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I'm having a challenging time getting my positioner set up in KUKA|PRC, but I'm also not sure if it's setup correctly within WorkVisual (imaged attached).

I have tool#3 TCP defined and I calibrated by KUKA positioner correctly (I think). I calibrated by touching tool #3 on the 'plus' symbol on my positioner, rotated it, touched off again, etc. I was then given a root value of my positioner (imaged attached)

I'm just trying to a linear movement in the Z axis for now.... just to validate things.

In KUKA|PRC the positioner looks rotated 90degrees and slightly off in other angles.

Attached is a few screen shots of my calibration, setup and .gh file with internalized data.

I appreciate any guidance.



Please note this is the KUKA|prc forum and generally questions are more for that software, this is a very KUKA focused question on the integration of a robots hardware. But heres what I can see with whats been provided:

Your calibration has a rotation of -90 around C, which is why the robot is rotated around x so drastically. I suspect because you've incorrectly set the Frame between axis 1 C to 90, do you know why this is the case? You should have a slight rotation around B for the slight lean on the table?

Without seeing the config.dat, I first suggest re-doing the calibration after resetting the machine data of the KP1 to all 0 - I can't see why the robot would require such drastic rotation unless you're specifying the machine definition (machine_def[1]) to different base data, make sure you're using a 0,0,0,0,0,0 base. Ideally the machine_def[1] has parent of "world" and root 0,0,0,0,0,0. Then machine_def[2] should be the position of the KP1 if calibrated correctly.

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Thanks Karl for the prompt reply!
I can add from my side that you should try to get your positioner to sync with the robot before moving on to Grasshopper/KUKA|prc.
So calibrate the turntable, calibrate an Offset Base, activate the base and then move the turntable in a Cartesian movement mode (press the XYZABC buttons on the touchscreen to get the option to move the turntable). If the turntable moves and the robot keeps its position relative to the turntable, then your calibration is correct!



Thank you both, I'm still learning the in and outs of KUKA/Positioner.

I'm not sure how that C value got in there, I didn't think much of it, I assumed that was just a setting for flange/base for this positioner.... but in hindsight, a C-value rotation wouldn't make sense anyways.

I wanted to confirm it wasn't something I was messing up in KUKA|PRC first before modifying in Workvisual where I'm even less familiar with.

Upon setting all the values to 0 on my positioner and recalibrating, it looks like it's working! Thank you both.

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Thanks for the update!