How to do linear line movement without rotating rotary.

Started by distantkitty, September 27, 2023, 05:07:44 AM

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It's been awhile since I've had to make some changes in my workflow, maybe I'm just rusty.
I have spiral toolpath which works fine, but after that I want to do a LIN movement (green line). Right now, after the spiral cut, the rotary moves while trying to the LIN movement.

How do I prevent any rotary movement and follow the green path. Long term solution is trying to do a tool change where the LIN movement is.

gh attached with data internalized.

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

That seems to be working as intended, the last value is E1=90 at then you defined the straight line with E1=0, so you have got the 90 degree turntable rotation in-between.
I cannot really think of a easy way to get rid of that (technically you could rotate the line by -90 degrees and keep E1=90, but that is a bit of a hack). But if the turntable movement is slow I would just use a PTP movement between the end of the spiral and the beginning of the line. That should speed things up!