turntable with parametric Root Frame

Started by david skaroupka, January 29, 2024, 03:09:02 PM

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david skaroupka

Hi Johannes,
We have an app development project underway, which requires the establishment of Root Frame Coordinates for the Custom Turntable in a parametric manner. This involves setting up inputs for the component, rather than relying solely on manual adjustments through right-clicking.

Is there such option somewhere? Am I missing something? Or is there chance to have that option with next version of KUKA|prc? thx

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Hello David,
You can do that with C# scripting, the component itself currently does not support it.
Attached is a related example. You see how you can get the external axis object, its rootpln property should be what you are looking for. Just be aware that the plane is not a Rhino.Geometry.Plane but a KUKAprcCore.Geometry.Plane. KUKAprcGH.PRC_GH_Methods has got a method to turn your Rhino/GH plane into a KUKA|prc plane.