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Started by Xylotica, December 21, 2015, 11:37:20 PM

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How can I create a full circle path ?
It would seem obvious to use the "Circular movement" component, but it will only work with a three point input ; therefor it is not possible to descibe a full circle, but only an arc.

I could think of messy workarounds, but is there a better workflow for such a ubiquitous trajectory ?


Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


To be honest I couldn't think of any operation where you would need a full circle, so we tried to define the arc in the simplest, most accessible way via three points - which does not allow full circles. However I just had a good idea on how to implement that in a nice and visually good way - stay tuned for one of the next releases :)



Hi Johannes,

Although it may seem silly to use a robot for 2D cutting, I do have such needs, and since I have a mill and a plasma torch, I can cut almost everything which is quite handy.
In that context, cutting round holes happens VERY often !

I'm looking forward to see your solution.
I was thinking of a "Close path" input (value would be "True" or "False"), for each type of Path component ; similar to the "Persistent Close" option in the Rhino "Polyline" command.