Custom tool axis issue

Started by singline, May 12, 2016, 11:03:06 AM

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So I've setup a very simple custom tool to hold a chalk pen - photo attached.

The simulation runs all correct based on the 'drawing and engraving' sample provided, but for some reason when exported to the KUKA the robot is going through the table instead of coming down on the z-axis as shown in the simulation?

In the simulation if I set the custom tool Tool B rotation to -90 the simulation is correct but it doesn't seem to correct at the KUKA end?

Any ideas what I'm missing?

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


Generally, the XYZABC values of the physical and virtual tool always have to be the same. If they are not, you will have differences between the simulation and the actual robot.
So if you change the simulation to B = -90, you have to do the same with the robot!
Note that KUKA|prc uses X as the tool axis (which is not a setting of the robot, it only affects how the ABC values have to be laid out).

Does that solve the problem, or does it still occur?



Yes, that was exactly the issue, thank you for the prompt reply!

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

...I'm somehow unsure whether to delete your photos as offensive or to consider them as artwork ;)
Let's just presume that I've never seen them and never wrote that post.
Best, Johannes


the way I see it, if I'm going devote months of my time getting it all working smoothly, it may as well be funny!

I can assure you since figuring this out, I am now head deep into advanced pick & place with emergence algorithms via GH + KUKA prc.. thanks again for your assistance, couldn't have done it without it.

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Glad to hear that!
All the best with your further "pick and placing" ;)