Velocity/Acceleration Control, individually and/or with RoboTeam?

Started by ricruiz, December 27, 2016, 01:46:10 AM

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This question is most likely multi-threaded, but here it goes:

I am currently experimenting with adjusting the speed of movement of a kr-150 from multiple sets of points. So far, what has worked is providing more coordinates between two points within the path, but I am looking for other ways with far more precise control. Are there currently any known ways to do this within KUKA|PRC?

We have been successful in adjusting velocity/acceleration through KUKA simulations via Maya plugins/emi/path tables, but the level of control within KUKA|PRC in complex movements is more intricate and run with less errors (Torque/Memory leaks/loading + unloading path tables).

Ideally with a more precise control of movement, I am looking to synchronize two robots (KR-210 with KRC2) with a series of movements with varying levels of velocity/acceleration via RoboTeam.

Any thoughts?

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


When you say "more precise control", what are you thinking of? At the moment, KUKA|prc provides a menu for global adjustments of acceleration and both local and global adjustments for velocity. If you want to set the acceleration for every position individually, you could - for a first test - just use the Custom KRL component and set the acceleration variable by yourself.
If your acceleration and velocity depends on some external factors, you could use the SPS.sub to adjust these values. This is basically a KRL program that loops continuously in the background.
I'd be happy to help, but I don't fully understand the goal yet. Feel free to send me an eMail if you don't want to post your project publicly.