set base by numeric input

Started by petebooth, September 06, 2017, 03:38:25 AM

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Hi all,
i had posted this in general discussion, it should be in support

I have 3 points of a physical base that are know in x,y,z format.
is there anyway to convert this to XYZABC in order to use the define the base via numerical input in both the KCR4 and kuka|prc?

pete booth

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Hello Pete,

I've very quickly thrown something together which seems to work - the transformation is due to KUKA|prc's tool axis.
You can get the XYZABC values from the panel at the end - and double-check that I didn't make a mistake. At least with a base, any errors should be immediately visible in the simulation!



Thanks Johannes,
that does the trick nicely, will check against robot tomorrow.