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Started by Xylotica, March 11, 2018, 06:23:50 PM

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I think that the robot list would be better hidden in a component's specific UI instead of all the tiny icons.
This would free the "02|Virtual Robot" toolbar , and the dialog box that would pop-up when clicking the "Robot choice" component would display for example high-resolution thumbnails of the various robots, with a few data points.
This occured to me because I often find myself fumbling around in the robot icons to find my specific model. Moreover, there are multiple robots called KR6, and the tiny icons really don't help much in picking the right one.
This tool could even include the "Custom robot", and allow to adjust the angle parameters in an existing robot, without having to fully define a custom robot.
For example, I'd be able to tweak the Axis 3 angles of my KR6-arc for which the range seems slightly more narrow than the preset values, and programs often fail because of this : "Axis 3 angle exceeded !".

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


I'm not sure if more GUIs are the answer, but the problem with the current PRC version is that the robot names all start with "KUKA", which makes it a pain to get them from the search function. In the new, internal, test version that has changed.
It would be nice to have more customization for Grasshopper components, but GUI changes are very low-level (i.e. you can do many things, but need to do them manually, which would make a menu with sliding robot images a pain). In Dynamo you could have a menu for choosing the robot right on top of the component using WPF.
Regarding the axis limits, you can plug the existing KR6-arc into a Custom Robot as a reference and then just change the axis limits, and you also have the same option from the Robot Cell component.
I guess you could save the combination as a User Object, so that you don't always have to re-set your limits?