Unwanted TCP motion at beginning and end of toolpath

Started by bridgewater studio, April 24, 2018, 08:56:07 PM

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bridgewater studio

The files I've uploaded show a straight line toolpath for a hotwire cut. You can see at the beginning and end PRC wants to add an 360 rotation around tool axis, which I very much don't want.

I've set up the BASE curve for my toolpath, the GUIDE curve I've set to control Z axis of my TCP (my tool axis is Z in grasshopper for reasons not important here), and the ORIENT point to control the -X axis orientation of the TCP.

Basically, I arranged BASE, GUIDE, and ORIENT to align with the TCP orientation of my tool. I've also set up a base where I will cut the foam wheel, along with the tool and both of their data.

In my set up on my computer, the robot follows the path exactly as I want it to. PRC is just adding these tool spins at the beginning and end and I'd like it to stop as well as understand why it's doing it to begin with.

Thanks for any help.

bridgewater studio


Figured out my own problem. In the KukaPRC settings, in the Adanced tab, in the Start-/ENDPOSITION panel, under initial posture, I changed the default 110 to "As Start" in the dropdown.

Everything worked exactly as expected after that.

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture