Fusion nc import optimum settings

Started by nickolastd21, August 31, 2018, 02:58:21 PM

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Hi all has any one found the 2 tolerance perimeters the import function uses?
when i import tool paths i get 2 remarks in the top right of the module, one is the circular interpolation to straight lines but the other is
"Set both tolerance parameters > 0.0 in order to reduce the toolpath."
but fusion does not let you set 0.0 as a tolerance so is it suposed to be 0.1 0.001 0.0001 or am i looking at the wrong tolerance setting?

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


I'm sorry for the confusion, I will word that differently in the next release.
The KUKA|prc message refers to the toolpath reduction inputs, where you can additionally reduce the complexity of a toolpath, which in my experience doesn't work so great in Fusion.
So you can leave the Fusion settings at the default!

Tolerances of 0.1mm and less will also lead to HUGE files. Always consider that your robot is probably less accurate than 0.1mm, at least when you calibrate the tool manually it's VERY hard to get better accuracy than 0.15mm. The same applies to the mechanics of the robot.