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General Discussion / Non-standard external axis control
February 22, 2022, 08:51:12 PM
Hi All,

I have a question regarding the use of non-standard motors for external axes. The motor must have a 40 mm frame side (i.e motor flange width) and be controlled synchronously (i.e. by using E1... values in the main program).

Option 1:

Using a KSD (Kuka Servo Drive) with a smaller servo motor

The smallest compatible external axis servo motor offered by KUKA is MG_8_40_45_S0 (Art No. 00-131-269).
This motor is basically a Siemens 1FK7 motor (exact part No. is 1FK7022-5AK71-1YH3-Z S24).

Looking at the 1FK7 data sheet ...

There is a smaller motor (20 mm shaft height) within the range: 1FK7015-5AK7. This is the size I want to use. It also is rated for 600 VDC.
If I modify the part number to get a smaller frame size I have:
1FK7015-5AK71-1YH3-Z S24
which is shown on the Siemens website:

... but ...
It appears some of the part numbers can't be identified within the Siemens catalogue (they are proprietary to KUKA).
"Y" "Z S24"

I have contacted Kuka and Siemens, but neither of them are cooperative and give information about the resolver type "Y" and whatever "Z S24" is.
Does anyone have any insights?

Option 2:

Can anyone suggest a way of controlling the position of an external axis by reading the E1 values ($AXIS_ACT_MEAS / $AXIS_MOT ?) and using them to control an external motor via a PLC.
So far it has been hard to find info about the how virtual axes work...

Any help greatly appreciated :)