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Hi robot experts, I have a question about the tool/base management menu not showing up, I'm logged in as an Administrator trying to assess settings for tools and bases on a robot where I wasn't involved in setting them up, The "tool/base management" heading doesn't appear on my kuka panel. I'm trying to check the settings for current tool/bases, I can't find anywhere how to get this menu to appear!!
Would be great to hear advice how to get that menu to become visible???
Thank you!
Thank you!! This solved that question, I have another - I will post separately
Hi robot experts,
sorry if this is a basic question but im running a kuka KR10 R900 at a school where no one knows how to use it and i have a question.
Ive run code on a kuka before supervised by someone, and im also following this video:

In the video theres this still where the kuka gets switched to auto mode to run the code in full, but in my controller i cant see that auto mode switch. i cant find anywhere where to find it.

see photos of what i mean

If anyone can let me know how i get to switch the kuka to auto mode to run to code in full without me having to hold down play button on the panel it would be great