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Hi Johannes!

Apologies for the delayed response.

Our intention is that the robot stays in world space whilst the base moves below it, so the robot does not follow the base. It is simulating how I would like it to, with the base moving separate to the robot, but in reality the robot is moving with the base. I will attach the GH if its easier to see what I would like. I would assume that I have also implemented your rotational axis script incorrectly, so it would be great to see any feedback on the script.

But yes, there appears to be a mismatch between simulation and reality.

Thank you and kind regards,

Hi Johannes!

I have an update. The script I found for the turntable is simulating very nicely, and seems to have no problems in grasshopper. However when run on our robot, the TCP seems to be following the rotation of the turntable, instead of keeping its intended orientation with the turntable moving beneath it. Would you have any ideas as to why this is happening?



Hi Johannes,

Apologies, I worded my intent poorly. However since posting this, I found an earlier script of yours that solved my issue!

Thank you!
Hello! I was wondering if there is any new docs or videos running through toolpath setup for an external turntable? I would like to use a turntable to control the x axis whilst the robot focuses on z and y. Does this require significant plane editing or is there a tool that is more plug and play?

Thank you!