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Well, the real robot is out of scope at the moment.
My problem /my (mis?-)understanding is as follws:

1. The Grashopper Lin. Move-Command gets a plane as input.
2. This plane has a normal-vector (blue z-axis) that defines an axis-system positioned in rhino world-coordinates.
3. Rhino origin (0/0/0) is identical to the origin of the robots selected base-coordinates.
4. Inside the Grashopper Custom Tool settings I define origin & orientation of the tool's axis-system in relation to the robot's wrist.
--> Problem No. 1: if I leave the A/B/C-rotation unchanged (=0), the tool-axis system shown in Rhino (Z-Axis facing up) differs from that shown in the custom-tool dialog (X-axis facing down).
(see screenshot in the attachement).

5. Now I generate some simple linear movements by projecting curve-points to a plane. Normals of the planes all facing upwards parallel to Rhino world Z-Axis.
6. Simulation works well, Tool-Z-axis is in line with position-plane-Z-axis. No rotation at all. A/B/C = 0 (in Rhino world or robot base resp.).
--> Problem No.2: there is a constant 90°-rotation around B-axis in the generated Kuka-Code. It seems like the Lin.-Move command is taking the X-axis of the positioning plane as tool axis reference.
(see screenshot in the attachement).
Hello Johannes,

thanks for the quick answer. I am a little busy at the moment, but I will check that...

But the main intention was not to create a circular movement. The was just due to simplicity.
I would be happy if I had a single linear movement from one point to another withot B-rotation.

Quote from: DigitalCraft on January 02, 2014, 09:26:55 AM

After reading the tutorial PDF, I'm playing around with the tutorials samples. Everything is cool in the simulation, but when I copy the generated src code to the robot and run it, the robot works in a different way (axis 4 turn moves too much).  I took a look at the generated KRL code, noticed that for each step the "E6POS" B is always 90.0. And i tried the other samples, the KRL codes were also different from what they're supposed to be.

Please tell me how to fix this, thank you.

may I reopen this topic again since I have exactly the same Problem:

- I generate a very simple circular toolpath on a x-y-plane, all plane normals of six tool positions facing up in z-direction.
- Neither the coordinate-system of Base is rotated (A/B/C = 0) nor is the tool (A/B/C = 0).
- In Simulation, everything looks fine, coordinate-systems of part and tool perfectly aligned.
- BUT: generated Kuka-Code has a 90° rotation around B-axis.

My workaround: I have to rotate the position-planes by 90° around y-axis so that the X-Axis of the plane is facing upwards (="tool axis") and rotate the tool in custom tool settings by -90° to compensate.
Now I get (A/B/C = 0) in Kuka-code and a "correct" simulation.

Did I miss a setting somewhere that assigns the X-axis as tool axis in my case? Can I switch it to Z-axis?