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That looks extremely interesting! Wish i had more robots! I like your another project in ars electronica with the robot mimicking human motion! Anyway thank you Johannes again for your helpful insight.
Thank you for the prompt reply, Johanne! Helpful as always! I see. It's not an easy solution. I will just try to use the groove box without management of beats. and use the beat time for adjusting as simple rythm then!
Here is a rough draft. haha. Thanks again!
Hello Guys,

we are working on a project with robot playing a groove box and a keyboard for so music. Kinda like DJ adding layers to music. We are having trouble asking the robot to follow the beats. (Kinda like Marc Rebillet's funky music). For example we want robot move from A to B with V40, it's too slow, but we make it move with V50 it's too quick.

May I ask if anybody have experiences with this or point me to some direction with coding?

We are using an ABB 6700 robot with IRC5

Thank you!!!
Thank you Johannes! You are the best! I will try designing a rig for max flexibility!
General Discussion / Work Holding for Foam and Timber
October 05, 2017, 05:46:53 AM
Hello, Just wondering how other people usually hold their foam and timber when milling with a robot?

We discovered if we clamp material down, the clamp will create a lot of interference, but if we simply fix from the bottom with screws, they will move laterally (especially with foam).

Does anyone have a general solution for most of the material or it's a case by case issue that every time we do something different we have to think of a unique work holding solution?
General Discussion / Re: Advice on Milling Bits
June 16, 2017, 06:05:00 AM
Thank you Ryan! That has been very informative! I will contact tool companies for a selection of ready made tools first.
General Discussion / Re: Advice on Milling Bits
June 15, 2017, 04:09:59 AM
Thank you Johannes!

Learning more about the tool bit to order i discovered more options from manufactures which i might need some assistance.

1. Material, would you suggest usual M-2 HSS, Cobalt M-42 or Carbide?
2. Is there any coating necessary? like Titanium Nitrite or Aluminum Titanium Nitrite?
3. How many flutes should i order (for wood and high density foam)?
4. What kind of total tool length do you think robotic arm can handle with rigidity? for example, if you are ordering a D=12mm endmill?

Thank you!!

General Discussion / Re: Advice on Milling Bits
June 14, 2017, 11:59:10 AM
Thank you Johannes!

I was wondering if you have any suggestion on sizes and kind of tool bits we should have for starter?

We come from only a 3 axis techno CNC in our school and didn't know what the 12kW spindle is capable of milling wood and high density foam.

We have a 10 tool ATC (HSK 63F).

Thank you so much for your help and quick reply!

Best wishes,

General Discussion / Advice on Milling Bits
June 14, 2017, 06:37:24 AM
Hello, we just bought our first Robotic system with a ABB6700 245kg and a HSD ES362 (HSK63F, ER32) spindle.

We will be mainly cutting fairly large sized objects such as feature walls molds in foam, or in wood.

1. Many of the tool bits in robotic milling video is super long, approx. 300mm-400mm sticking out with a wide radius. But widest radius end mill we see is around 110mm total length. Am i looking at the wrong tool bit website?

2. How do you guys see Indexable End Mill vs regular end mill for roughing?

Thank you!

Hello Di!,

I am sorry it has been a while before i logged in.

We had some ups and downs regarding the setup. We initially planned to buy second hand robots from Global robots and get them integrated in Taiwan. But turns out Taiwan has heavy import tax and integrator are reluctant to integrate such an open system - they are more accustomed to rigid industrial settings.

In the end, after sitting down with a few of Taiwanese integrator and failed the negotiation, we finally found a young team of integrator that are willing to integrate.

Now, we are integrating an ABB 6700 -245 3.0 robot with a HSD ES362 spindle, a 5m local made track with ABB motors for multi axis movement and a MID 500 turn table.

It's nice to know so many people are joining this evolution! I hope we can all keep contact.

I can be reached at +886 966510996 or if you have further questions. Or we can discuss here too!

Hello Johannes,

Thank you again so much for your quick and comprehensive response! Your information is very useful us in negotiations with those suppliers and established a based line for us. We definitely won't be looking for a used robot with high end setup, it's like putting a ferrari engine in a golf cart.

We also definitely don't need those reports as we probably won't be hiring anyone but ourselves to work on projects until the investment can be leveled by job profits. As we are sure we know the danger of wood dust! haha~

Thank you again for your patience answering our questions! Now with more information at hand we can try to talk to different System Integrators to negotiate knowing we can always buy from Global Robots.


Thank you Johannes!

You are always the best! That solves quite a lot of problems that have plaguing us these few months.

We are now talking to an integrator in Taiwan and listed a series of requirements including KRC4 Robot for wood and foam milling, 10m linear track, automatic tool change, dust suction system, e-stop, rotary table. They are warning us the quote might exceed 280,000 Euro. They suggested us using a KRC2 robot which might reduce the cost by 20%.

I was wondering what is the limit of KRC2 compared to KRC4? Does it severely limit the file size we can import which means limits the complexity of parts we can make?

We are among the first to register the Sydney conference! Can't wait to meet you there! We will try out best to not bugging you like mosquitos with our endless questions. haha~
Hello there,

We are planning to setup a design & production consultancy specializing in using robotic arm as a principle production method in Taipei, Taiwan. We ran into a few problems and had a few questions.

1) Will an older KUKA robotic arm  work with KRC4?

2) Would you suggest SprutCAM or PowerMill? I quoted the Taiwan vendor for SprutCAM and it is 30000 USD for initial purchase and extra 3000 USD yearly for upgrades and maintenance, is that right? It seems quite expensive.

3) How hard is it to bypass System Integrator and do system integration ourselves with a mix of new and old equipments? Is it very hard to calibrate all the equipments and connecting them to the controller (we are educated as architectural designers with no experience in robotic system except for a Lulzbot Taz 3D printer)? What's the possibility of damaging my equipment if i made a rookie mistake?

4) Do you have any suggested sellers for reasonably priced: spindles, tool rack with calibrators, linear tracks, hotwire cutters?

5) If i buy a KUKA robot that is not already listed in KUKA|prc, will it be hard to make our own robot? Is there a tutorial?

6) What is general failure rate of a KUKA robotic arm if we are using it to mill wood 10hrs a day?

Thank you!!!!