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Hi Johannes:

I got it to work - the problem was mostly that I had a dot in the code name : drawing_11.15.src. I shortened it to "dr20.src" and it was able to be read, but then I got an error message about the code (attached).

To mitigate, I opened up the .src file in Wordpad and deleted the line:   BAS[#PTP_PARAMS ... and then everything worked fine.

Maybe enabling "Improved Compatibility with older KRC" would cause the new code to negate that line - I didn't know that was there!

(Disclaimer: very new at this). I am working with a KRC2 and using the KUKA|prc Grasshopper plugin to create the program code. When importing the code into the teach pendant (which is through a USB - Floppy disk translator), the pendant does not recognize the .src file as a program file and won't run it. I've attached a screenshot of the .src file sitting in the program folder, and I've also attached the .src code.

Any help as to why this isn't working would be greatly appreciated - thank you!