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Thanks for your help. it works :)
I have placed these two files separately and attached them to my message. I hope this setup works better now. I have a collection of wooden cubes, and I want to assemble them into twisted boxes similar to the ones shown in the file. However, I don't know how to generate the code to pick and place the cubes correctly. I hope I have effectively conveyed my question and my desired outcome.
thanks for your reply, I doubt about choosing the starting point to pick the elements and also how can I change the algorithm based on the plate I defined for each cube, since I am so beginner in 3d printing.
the component for flipping the plane is "Tween through planes" from puffer fish plugin.
I want to set up this spiral stairs with kuka robot according to the sample code I included in my file but I have some problem to edit the code.

Support / pick and place algorithm with grasshopper
April 02, 2024, 10:12:03 PM

Hi everyone,

I'm seeking assistance with creating an algorithm in Grasshopper to generate a spiral form for printing via pick and place with a Kuka PRC robot. While I have a sample algorithm for a spiral form, I'm unsure how to adapt it for my specific needs. Could someone please provide guidance on this matter? I've attached the file for reference.