Brick laying

Started by happytriger2000, September 14, 2014, 05:36:30 PM

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I think I'm used to Mastercam Tool and base setups which is quite easy to do, no need for physical calibration.
Ok, so I have just created a base 2 in KRC1, using tool 2 (gripper).

Here is the problem when I enter those numbers of Base 2, X=1298.01, Y=2.73, Z=593.19, I get this:

A little note on how the Tool 2 was done:

Tool 2 was created  as shown above, my question is does the reference point has to be somewhere near the brick or near where the Base was created when creating tool 2??


After sending you an email I got it working  :)

will upload the video soon.

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Excellent, glad to hear that it's working!

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture