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Started by happytriger2000, July 30, 2014, 06:06:04 AM

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Hi all,
         I have 2 robots ready to test, 1 KRC2 and 1 KRC1.
I recently finished the ATC hardware setups with success (although still waiting for ATC tool rack to be made), spindle on + speed ( 1 speed), is there a components in Kuka prc for this function? please include examples.


Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


You can already trigger I/Os from within KUKA|prc - there is a component for it (may only be available in the member version, now that I think of it), or you can just put $OUT[33]=TRUE (or whatever pin-number you are using) in the KRL component.
In Vienna we've got an inverter that takes an On/Off pin as well as three data pins, enabling you to encode seven different speed settings and call them from the robot (e.g. 011 is setting 3).



Ok, members only.
Then I guess I'll have to do the old fashion way.