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Support / KUKA PRC and Stäubli RX170HP 6-Axis
January 25, 2016, 09:34:47 PM
Hello Forum, is it possible that the PRC would work with a Stäubli RX170HP 6-Axis? Thanks!
Until I can afford my own kuka Id like to do more than digitally simulate a robots movements...
Are there any 6 axis desktop robot toys that might be able to be controlled by the Kuka prc?
Maybe this one?

this ones not 6 axis but maybe could work?

Id really like to play with pick and put operations and just test grasshopper driven movements in general.
Thanks -Ethan
Hello! thanks for all your inspiring work! I wish I could have attended the conference in Michigan and am sad that the next one is 2 years away. I will start learning as much as I can until then however I do not have access to a robot so all I can do is simulate. I am curious where i can find a list of robots that the plug in will work with so that as I keep an eye on the used market I know which machines are viable for this generative approach. Thanks. -Ethan