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Hi all,

We're preparing to connect a 9kW spindle to our KUKA KR250 for wood milling and we're wondering if anyone is using DeviceNet to control parameters on a VFD or initiate a tool change, etc. I saw a previous post about configuring Beckhoff modules through Work Visual, but nothing on DeviceNet.

In general I'd like to create a guide for setting up a spindle for milling with the KUKA - it seems like something everyone is interested in!

- Dante
General Discussion / BCO Motion Error (1058)
April 14, 2018, 06:21:54 AM
Hi everyone,

I just ran into a 1058 Error "BCO Motion: Press Start Plus" and am having difficulty getting our KUKA to run a program again. I successfully ran programs earlier today, and only got the error after running part of a program in reverse.

So far I've:
- checked the robot speed (set to 100%)
- edited backwards.ini, set Implicit BCO = TRUE, and later changed back to FALSE (per the error manual)
- cancelled & reset the program
- rebooted the controller
- reset the BIOS
- remastered the robot

But the error is still there...  :o

Any suggestions would be great!

I'm running a KR250 with a KRC2 controller.

- Dante
Hi everyone,

I'm trying to run a simple PTP command to test our robot's functionality, and I'm getting a 2138 error when compiling the code on the KCP that states "Name invalid for this type of constant". The error occurs on line 16: BAS(#PTP_PARAMS,45)

I attached the .src file, the Grasshopper file, and the bas and $config files that are located in our R1 > System folder.

I'm running a KR200-2 (from a GM factory) with a KRC2 controller, and a v1 pendant, with KSS v4.1.6.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

- Dante