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General Discussion / Measuring A Simple Tool
December 06, 2021, 08:23:23 PM
I 3D printed a "unicorn" to use to learn the process of measuring a tool tip.  I had set the tool to 0X 0Y 228.6Z as shown in the first picture.  When I measure the tool using the 4-points XYZ reference I get a range of error anywhere from 100 up to 250 mm.  The current set up isn't very precise but I was expecting errors in the teens not hundreds.

Did I set the tool wrong initially?  Suggestions?
I've seen various ways a spindle is mounted.  We will be testing on foam and HDP first before getting into wood.  Any recommendation on orientation and literature regarding this? 
Support / "Spinning" Axis "Endlessly"
September 24, 2020, 02:00:28 AM
I have axis4 type set to Endless.  Here's my quick code:

FOR Counter=1 TO 20 STEP 1
   PTP_REL {A4 360}
FOR Counter=1 TO 20 STEP 1
   PTP_REL {A4 -360}

This doesn't "spin" axis around around 360 degrees but rather like 5 and also there's a short pause between each of the FOR loop step.

What's the proper syntax for axis4to keep spinning endlessly in positive or negative?


Is the a guide on installing a 7th axis, from Kuka or any other sources?

We have krc2 ed05 cabinet with 7th and 8th axis drivers installed.  We have turn table with an A2 servo and drive from a KRC1 robot.  Three questions:

1.  Can I install the KRC1 servo and drive into a KRC2 cabinet?  Or
2.  Can I use the existing 7th axis to drive a KRC1 servo?
3.  Is either scenario above possible?

General Discussion / Hot wire foam cutter
November 06, 2018, 09:54:35 PM
Anyone successfully built and integrated a hot wire foam cutter from scratch?  Any good resources out there you can recommend?
Which of the robots in the current library best matches the reach and range of a KR150 2000 Series (2011 production year)?