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Hi all,
I'm currently a PhD student and thinking of doing an exchange/visiting scholar to collaborate and do research with other schools.
I'm wondering if anyone have any recommendations regarding which university/faculty is doing architecture related robotics? (and would be interested in accepting exchange/visiting scholar)
Ideally it would be an exchange/research that lasts between 6 to 12 months.
Robotics, manufacturing and programming are all fields that I'm familiar with.
General Discussion / Custom User Keys?
March 16, 2021, 04:15:05 AM

I'm wondering if anyone know how to map the bottom left user keys to something.
There doesn't seem to be much documentation on this.
I think I read somewhere before that I need to buy tech packages to enable them?
Hi Johannes,

Thanks for the replies, this is a final update.
After tons of testing all possible configurations, even after switching to KLI port+VPN, it still doesn't work.
I've given up on directly accessing the controller from the internet.

Moving forward, I'm going to setup an always on PC that'll route traffic to the controller.
Seem redundant, but it's the only method I've tested so far that has produced any results.

just installed tightVNC, but it's not displaying the vertical HMI correctly, how do i configure this?
ran tightVNC as application instead of service and that fixed it

previously I changed over to X47 (controller ip, and configured the LAN of the router to be
this worked great as port forwarding worked with this config, but then would prevent the controller from booting on cold boot (i'm not sure why, maybe the controller would see the router as a internal component and sends it messages that the router ignores?)
to solve this, I changed the router to be, and have DHCP pool to be, which allows access from all local clients, but not VPN clients (port forwarding does not work, because router is not on the same subnet as controller? i think)

I've looked into the VPN suggestion, and found that my router does have this option, after setting up openVPN on it, I am able to connect to the router with openVPN.
But I cannot access the controller, I can access everything else on that local network tho, my guess is that is somehow special and not being routed through openVPN
my remote local network uses 14x.x.x.x so it's not an issue of my remote local network intercepting anything
side note: by default VPN clients are given 10.8.0.x ip range, I did test changing local client to 192.168.0~126 and VPN to but that didn't work either, so it's not a issue of subnet

Quotemy guess is that is somehow special and not being routed through openVPN
would it possible to change the controller ip from to so I can test this theory?
I've heard changing the internal ip of the controller often results in them bricking/not booting

Another thing I could try is switch back to KLI, and see if that works with openVPN, but then I lose the ability to remote desktop....
Kuka makes things so complicated...

Hi Johannes,

Thanks for the recommendation about the VPN, I might go that route in the future if I require online connections often.

After a day of googling and testing, I was unable to port forward any connections on KLI.
I've switched over to X47 port, which seems to have much less restrictions, and everything works fine now, just have to be extremely cautious of when I connect the robot online.
General Discussion / Re: remote desktop over KLI?
February 20, 2021, 07:18:44 AM
update on the remote desktop situation, it seems like on KSS8.3.33 isn't not possible for the KLI port, but on X47 port it works fine.
It seems like KUKA has implemented a lot of restrictions on the KLI port.
I'm wondering if it's possible to put the controller on the internet and control it from the internet.
Obviously there are tons of risks involved with this, and I understand those risks.
Risks aside, I have KukaProxyVar (KVR) installed on my controller, and I have the controller connected to a local offline router.
I can communicate with KVR if I connect to that router.

Now I'm thinking, if I connect that router to the internet, and port forward port 7000, I can then communicate with KVR over the internet, I tried it, but it didn't work.

So i'm wondering if anyone has tried something similar?
Support / Re: Rhino 6 Advisory
November 21, 2020, 03:53:16 PM
Any advisory regarding Rhino 7?
Hi Johannes,

Yes, it'd be amazing if tool settings can be set from the xml.
Will be awaiting the feature update.

Question regarding tool setup on IIWA.
In the XML I see that tool data is recorded, so I was assuming I can set the tool seperately from what's saved in the controller, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
Is this a feature to be added in the future?
Support / Re: IIWA SendKeepAliveMessage Failed
September 10, 2020, 10:00:37 AM
Hi Johannes,

QuoteAs your code for the file access is probably generic Java, you could try running it on your PC and see if it also crashes there.
I've ran the file access part of the code in eclipse, and tested the chaging of the file content. Ran it for a few time, there was no crashes, everything runs fine.

QuoteMaybe you could log to a file, to understand where/when it crashes?
Sorry, but could you go into more details on how and what to log?

Support / IIWA SendKeepAliveMessage Failed
September 06, 2020, 05:09:43 AM

I'm running into a problem where the IIWA controller(?) would freeze and it'll display an message SendKeepAliveMessage Failed.
What I'm doing is using a modified read XML program, it runs in a loop, constantly checking D drive every half seconds for new files.
In D drive i have 2 files, one is simply a text file, if the content is 1, the robot reads and executes the second file then rewrites the first file to 0.
This program runs fine for short periods, but if left running for a while, the message SendKeepAliveMessage Failed will freeze the robot.
How can i fixed this?
(ideally I would be using the communicator solution, but for certain reasons, I'd prefer not to use it for now)

Attached is the program I'm running and the screenshot of the message




I've recently been running into this issue:

1. Solution exception:The process cannot access the file 'C:\Users\Victor\Desktop\kukaprc_project.xml' because it is being used by another process.

but as far as I know, no other process is using it, and I've also checked simulate without KRL generation, but this still pops up.
Sliding the simulation slider will make the error go away but it'll popup again later.

I'm on the lastest version 20200519

Sorry if the explaination is no good, it's been a long day, attached is the file with the error.


General Discussion / [Misc] How to simplify mesh
July 05, 2020, 06:42:21 AM

I'm working with meshs recently, and i'm having difficulties simplifying the mesh without affecting the overall shape and quality too much.
I've noticed that the mesh models of PRC is quite nice, mostly quadmesh with decent shape and quality.

So i'm wondering if there's a recommended workflow in simplifying meshs.