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Last post by Johannes @ Robots in Architecture - April 03, 2024, 07:52:47 AM

Could you please reduce the file to the specific question? At the moment, there are some planes towards the positive X direction, and at the same time, there is the stack of rotated bricks at the origin, making it unclear what you actually want to achieve. There is also a range of components from the "Robot" plugin that I haven't installed. The "Flip Plane X" component also seems to originate from there and would have to be replaced.

In your last post, you mentioned the starting point from where you pick up elements. Assuming that you are working with bricks, the starting point could be a grid of planes, assuming you have the bricks laid out next to each other. Alternatively, it could always be the same point if you have an automatic feeder, where, e.g., the bricks slide down a small ramp, and you always pick the brick on the bottom.

I'm happy to help you with the programming, but I need to know what you want to achieve. Therefore, it's important that you reduce the file to the essentials and possibly add some comments in the GH file via the doodle function or the panel component.

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Last post by corey - April 03, 2024, 06:02:57 AM
That looks extremely interesting! Wish i had more robots! I like your another project in ars electronica with the robot mimicking human motion! Anyway thank you Johannes again for your helpful insight.
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Last post by freesheida1984 - April 03, 2024, 05:02:41 AM
thanks for your reply, I doubt about choosing the starting point to pick the elements and also how can I change the algorithm based on the plate I defined for each cube, since I am so beginner in 3d printing.
the component for flipping the plane is "Tween through planes" from puffer fish plugin.
I want to set up this spiral stairs with kuka robot according to the sample code I included in my file but I have some problem to edit the code.

Support / Re: pick and place algorithm w...
Last post by Johannes @ Robots in Architecture - April 02, 2024, 10:32:59 PM

What are your "specific needs"?

I couldn't fully open your file as I was missing a few plugins, primarily the component for flipping the plane. But it seems like you were getting a different number of elements into the weave component. Consider duplicating the elements that are always identical so that you get the same number of commands for each step. There is also a separate Command Weaver in KUKA|prc, but it works similar to your approach.

If you can provide some more details on what you would like to change, I'm of course happy to help!

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Last post by freesheida1984 - April 02, 2024, 10:12:03 PM

Hi everyone,

I'm seeking assistance with creating an algorithm in Grasshopper to generate a spiral form for printing via pick and place with a Kuka PRC robot. While I have a sample algorithm for a spiral form, I'm unsure how to adapt it for my specific needs. Could someone please provide guidance on this matter? I've attached the file for reference.
Nice! For that project, we went the other way and distributed the beat between four robots:
But yes, if it's an individual installation, it's probably easier to simply finetune the speed, etc., manually than to come up with a fully integrated solution.

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Last post by corey - April 02, 2024, 10:09:03 AM
Thank you for the prompt reply, Johanne! Helpful as always! I see. It's not an easy solution. I will just try to use the groove box without management of beats. and use the beat time for adjusting as simple rythm then!
Here is a rough draft. haha. Thanks again!

We did a surprising amount of musical projects, like this one (—the video is out of sync often, but it played nicely and in real-time), and also performative projects (e.g., the one Karl posted at

But unfortunately, there is no easy solution; for the e-guitar project, we developed a kind of custom notation system that allowed a non-programmer to time and fine-tune the sound in Grasshopper (followed by a lot of trial and error to get the timing right, but GH nicely supported such an iterative process). On the KUKA side there is a system for time-based programming called ready2animate, but it also has got its limitations and won't help you on an ABB robot.

For that performance (, we used RSI (hard-realtime control on KUKA robots, i.e. one position every 4ms) to map the movement in real-time to the robots. I assume that ABB has a similar system. But hard-realtime can be a pain to deal with.

Hopefully, these pointers will also be useful for an ABB-based application.

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Last post by corey - April 01, 2024, 10:46:01 AM
Hello Guys,

we are working on a project with robot playing a groove box and a keyboard for so music. Kinda like DJ adding layers to music. We are having trouble asking the robot to follow the beats. (Kinda like Marc Rebillet's funky music). For example we want robot move from A to B with V40, it's too slow, but we make it move with V50 it's too quick.

May I ask if anybody have experiences with this or point me to some direction with coding?

We are using an ABB 6700 robot with IRC5

Thank you!!!
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Last post by draheja - March 28, 2024, 07:57:15 PM
Oh okay, I shall try to do that then. Thank you so much!