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Support / Re: How to add two external axis
« Last post by Johannes @ Robots in Architecture on June 20, 2022, 11:46:06 AM »

Thanks for the file. I see now that you cannot set the axis correctly with the default 1-axis positioner component, as it only provides a vector and always assumes the origin to be at zero.
Sorry for that. Can you specify in a bit more detail, what you want to achieve? Because the DKP 400 is included, and in the next release also another two-axis positioner. Are you using a custom system?

Two more general remarks:
Using the current date as the project name will not result in a valid SRC file. Start with a letter, don't use special characters and empty spaces.
Don't have GH automatically mesh BReps, that results in huge files. Mesh it in Rhino and then consider using ReduceMesh to get the size further down. This will greatly improve the KUKA|prc performance.
This applies even more to your tool - on my laptop, GH takes 10 (!) seconds to mesh it and creates a mesh with 1million faces - this will result in a super slow simulation. Try to get it to 5000 faces instead.

Support / Re: kuka.cnc code generation
« Last post by Johannes @ Robots in Architecture on June 20, 2022, 11:28:02 AM »
Hello Gergo,

Please note that KUKA.CNC creates a file that ends with *.nc and not *.src
So I would first check if you get an SRC file written, and if that is the case, change the code generation to KUKA.CNC and see if a NC file is written.

That being said, KUKA.CNC is complicated to integrate and leaves a lot of options to the integrator - so test it carefully and slowly.

Support / kuka.cnc code generation
« Last post by gergole on June 20, 2022, 10:49:42 AM »
Hello. I'm Gergő from the Kyoto Institute of Technology.

I'm using KUKA|prc 2022-01-21 and would like to generate a KUKA.cnc code for my KR22-R1610 robotic arm with a KR-C4 controller on KSS8.3.36.

I need to mill a complex geometry, so I have generated a toolpath in Fusion360.
Since the KRL code for even the first roughing was around 20 MB, I met the limits of the physical memory of the controller, so I would like to use the KUKA.cnc already integrated into our system.

However, when choosing the KUKA.cnc (beta)code option, no file is generated, even though the computer's processor has a high load for several seconds.

I left the settings at default, as you can see in the screen capture.

Am I missing something?
Support / Re: How to add two external axis
« Last post by Leo ongbo on June 20, 2022, 03:36:38 AM »
Dear Johannes,

I have attached my gh and 3dm file on the below. I really appreciate for your kindly help.

Best regards,
Support / Re: How to add two external axis
« Last post by Johannes @ Robots in Architecture on June 17, 2022, 06:15:30 PM »

Basically that should work, internally that is also how the DKP (with two rotational axes) is defined.
It's hard to troubleshoot from the screenshot, I would need to know what you are going for and ideally modify the existing file - ideally the test-file would require no additional plugins and have all the relevant data internalised or linked in an attached 3DM file.

Support / Re: How to add two external axis
« Last post by Leo ongbo on June 17, 2022, 05:26:55 AM »
Dear Johannes,

That's really inspired me. But I meet a new proble. As digarm shown, I give 2 axis here(Red line). But those tow turn panels just turn around Axis 01(Base on the vector). Could you give me any advice?

Best regards,
Support / Re: How to add two external axis
« Last post by Johannes @ Robots in Architecture on June 16, 2022, 10:30:30 AM »

There isn't much to it, just attach them in order and it should work. See the attachments.
Note that when using a rotary axis you are automatically using an external base that rotates with it.

Unfortunately I don't quite understand what you mean by changing E1 to E2, what are you referring to?

Hello Luigi,

4MB is very, very small if you are running a KRC4 robot. I would have expected at least twice as much.
Maybe take another look if there any other large files around that block memory.
There are some settings around that are said to increase the program memory, but I would strongly recommend making a full image of the controller's SSD before changing any system settings. That way you can restore the old state if you get blocked out of the controller.
Solutions for having "infinite" toolpaths are for example KUKA.CNC (very expensive and not easy to integrate) and the very similar KUKA CAM.Rob and OrangeApps Pointloader.

Support / How to add two external axis
« Last post by Leo ongbo on June 16, 2022, 08:12:27 AM »
Hello everyone,

I am a new user with KUKA prc. I want to use to axis same time for my tow-axis positioner.
in general, I studied the tutorial and the example to add Custom turntable. But I still do not know how to add one more horizontal axis order in KUKA PRC.
May I kindly asking for some help for the problem?

In addition, I just confuse about why I have change the E01 source to E02, but the src file still give the source to E01? ???
Support / Increase/Optimize file size for 3DP or CNC
« Last post by luigipachecoFIU on June 15, 2022, 11:28:26 PM »
Hello, I am getting a memory error when coping files as big as 4 MB, I already deleted most files that are not needed on the project. Is it possible to expand the memory or run a file from USB to be able to run larger files? I feel I am missing something as I have seen very large prints done that probably require many lines of code.
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