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Robotics System Lead Engineer for Self-driving Robo-Vehicle Additive Manufacturing at PIX Moving

The adventure of PIX begins with the exploration and design of self-driving mobile space, aiming to contribute to the sustainable development of cities. We are looking for passionate robotics engineers and computing designers to join the team, together we’ll build the world’s first end-to-end vehicle manufacturing system. Most car companies are still manufacturing in the way of production line, which was invented by Henry Ford one hundred years ago. PIX, however, hopes to explore a brand new vehicle manufacturing paradigm based on today’s technologies.

PIX is dedicated to rebuilding the manufacturing and mobility of robo-vehicles. While many self-driving companies are focused on transporting people from point A to point B, PIX proposes instead to build robo-vehicles that bring services to people, wherever they are, autonomously. Taco trucks, coffee machines, and photo booths will all become autonomously routed and freely moving parts of cities. Interested in learning more about PIX? Visit here

We await an enthusiastic and dedicated individual to join the team and become an integral part of the PIX’s digital fabrication system. The role of  Robotics System Lead Engineer will be responsible for developing, maintaining, and improving PIX’s large-scale robotic 3D printing production line in joint efforts with the other engineers. PIX is developing product that is one of a kind, so correspondingly, you are energetic, resilient, and a great learner, and you’re able to make wise decisions quickly with limited information. More descriptions about the position and its application can be found on the website

We look forward to hearing from you
General Discussion / Re: agilus for milling?
« Last post by di on December 05, 2018, 01:57:20 PM »
thanks guys
johannes, regarding the appeal of a having the latest agilus version...well i guess my wallet will have to decide that :).
werk5, will keep in mind your input and quote the kuka cnc module. again it will be decided by budget. many thanks.
we're based in colombia, they are offering a kr6 agilus sixx r900 that they have used for fairs. will do a couple of tests on it with KUKA prc before deciding.
all the best
General Discussion / Re: KUka - work Visual
« Last post by Johannes @ Robots in Architecture on November 27, 2018, 06:09:03 PM »

You can download WorkVisual for free from here, no license is required:
And yes, you need it to configure additional hardware, install software options etc.

General Discussion / KUka - work Visual
« Last post by alex-bradman on November 27, 2018, 09:12:35 AM »

 I have installed Kuka, work visual. What is this software used for.
can i configure, i/o list through this software ?
Do we need a license for this software ?
General Discussion / Re: Paint Booth Recommendations
« Last post by alex-bradman on November 27, 2018, 09:08:50 AM »

The best paint booth I have worked till date is Durr paint booth.

Dry x scrubber from Durr is more compact.
General Discussion / Re: agilus for milling?
« Last post by Johannes @ Robots in Architecture on November 23, 2018, 01:57:59 PM »
werk5 is totally right, just one remark: Don't update the entire WorkVisual project to copy new KRL files, simply use a USB stick (in Expert user group) or network file share and then copy it to your robot directory through the file brwoser.
You can add the KUKA.CNC software also afterwards, though KUKA usually gives you a better price if you buy it with the robot.
KUKA|prc can export code for both regular KRL and KUKA.CNC.

General Discussion / Re: agilus for milling?
« Last post by werk5 on November 23, 2018, 09:42:54 AM »
We have a highspeed watercooled spindle attached to a KR6 Agilus sixx R900 and it machines all nonferrous materials exquisitely. You need to do a little math to check loads on the bot. You'll need the KUKA CNC module if you want to do serious 3D work, it can look far ahead (150 points) and load massive files (millions of points), its not cheap almost 50% of what the bot costs, but KRL is limited to 5 CPs and/or JPs and you'll be loading files via Workvisual forever... or generating small CAM files forever.
The FabLab at the University of Virginia School of Architecture seeks applicants for an Assistant Fabrication Lab Manager to join our extraordinary team. Our FabLab is a center of making, prototyping, and building at all scales, support for curricula from the School's four departments, and a connection to labs all over the University. It is a research hub discovering new materials, tools, and fabrication processes related to the built environment. The Assistant Manager will be able to help shape the spaces and operations of a new Lab renovation, help develop academic and training curricula, and research at the cutting edge of fabrication technology. We are excited by potentials of this new position, and we invite applicants who are equally excited about helping to build a future vision of a FabLab at a top research program and a fast paced academic environment with a wide range of interests.

The Assistant Manager joins an enthusiastic crew with the FabLab Manager and the student team of FabLab Teaching Assistants, an extremely supportive and engaged faculty and staff, and a prolific and eager student body. The position will work with the Manager to help oversee day-to-day FabLab operations, mentor the TA Crew, purchase and maintain tools, develop and adhere to safety protocol, and manage budget, schedule, and logistics of projects both coming through and originating in the FabLab. The position will work closely with students, staff, and faculty to develop training and to teach workshops in a wide range of fabrication techniques from the analog to the digital.

Applicants are required to have a strong expertise in some or all of the following areas: woodworking, casting and mold making, CNC routing, laser cutting, sewing and textiles, design robotics, microcontrollers and Arduinos, 3D printing, 3D scanning, AR/VR, or other fabrication techniques. Knowledge of machine maintenance in these areas is essential. Through a portfolio, candidates should demonstrate their abilities in physical and digital modeling, conceptualizing design solutions, iterative prototyping, and craft in their fields of expertise. Candidates must have strong communication skills with the ability to educate a diverse group of individuals on the use of tools, safety, and innovative techniques, as well as the ability to be flexible, patient, and adaptable to a variety of projects, schedules, and situations. A Bachelor's Degree and previous experience in a fabrication area is required. Six years of relevant work experience may be considered in lieu of a degree. A Master's degree in a design discipline or related field is preferred. Previous experience in a fablab, shop, production facility, or makerspace, especially in an academic environment, teaching or training, is preferred.

To apply, visit and search on Posting Number 0624472. Complete an application online and attach a resume, cover letter addressing work/research interests and goals for future development, and contact information for three references.

Preference will be given to applications received by November 26, 2018. All applications must be received by December 3, 2018.

Please send a digital portfolio of work as a single PDF file not to exceed 10MB to the Academic Recruiter, Rhiannon O'Coin at

The School of Architecture and the University of Virginia are Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employers. We seek to build a culturally diverse intellectual environment and welcome applications from women, minorities, veterans, and persons with disabilities. 

I just checked and we've only got the 3700 K at the moment. However we do integrate new robots for members, so getting it into PRC wouldn't be a problem. Also, the member version allows you to define your own robots.

General Discussion / Virtual Robot for KR120 R3900 ultra K
« Last post by Shaun on November 19, 2018, 06:48:36 AM »
Hi there,

Does any current virtual robot library fit with the KR120 R3900 ultra K?

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