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As a roboticist of some regard, I'd say that's a long list of "requirements" for little pay.

Should anyone be interested in methods to make money with robots. I'm always happy to talk about how I've succeeded, having done workshops on 5 out of 6 populated continents.
Support / Re: Configure robot world "coordenates"
June 16, 2023, 10:50:22 AM
I believe that unit has an external axis, which means there could be a variable of the MACHINE_DEF - depending on the configuration.
The InnoRenew CoE is seeking a well-qualified and highly motivated individual to support research within the Advanced Manufacturing research group. The group focuses on implementation of latest scientific discoveries and manufacturing technologies toward timber construction sector and bio-based industry. The candidate will support research related to application of robots toward production processes, with a special focus on the collaborative aspects. The assistant researcher will be employed at the InnoRenew CoE under the supervision of assoc. prof. Jakub Sandak.

Goals and Tasks

The candidate will work in the Advanced Manufacturing and Digital Transformation Laboratory. The field of work will cover research on adaptation of robots for manufacturing, including programming of robots and testing of prototype assemblies. Previous experience of candidate in mechatronics, electronics, computer/robot programming, mechanical engineering or data analysis is advantageous.

Job Posting Here
Support / Re: Angled positioner Setup Help
April 04, 2023, 06:38:53 PM
Please note this is the KUKA|prc forum and generally questions are more for that software, this is a very KUKA focused question on the integration of a robots hardware. But heres what I can see with whats been provided:

Your calibration has a rotation of -90 around C, which is why the robot is rotated around x so drastically. I suspect because you've incorrectly set the Frame between axis 1 C to 90, do you know why this is the case? You should have a slight rotation around B for the slight lean on the table?

Without seeing the config.dat, I first suggest re-doing the calibration after resetting the machine data of the KP1 to all 0 - I can't see why the robot would require such drastic rotation unless you're specifying the machine definition (machine_def[1]) to different base data, make sure you're using a 0,0,0,0,0,0 base. Ideally the machine_def[1] has parent of "world" and root 0,0,0,0,0,0. Then machine_def[2] should be the position of the KP1 if calibrated correctly.

Tutorials / Re: Video Tutorial - Multi-Robot Setup
March 06, 2023, 03:09:21 PM
Hi Richie,

I've shifted to Patreon for my content.
Support / Re: Load diffrent Workstations
January 30, 2023, 09:56:38 AM
Right click on the kuka|core component and choose "Set BASE system through Grasshopper" - with some simple logic you can easily switch bases parametrically.
The Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering welcomes applications for a postdoctoral researcher position within a milestone research project "Twin Re-Fab: Digital Twins for Circular Architectural Renovation, Digital Fabrication and Robotic Construction", carried out within the Digital Twin Cities Centre (DTCC), hosted by Chalmers University of Technology and co-funded by Sweden's Innovation Agency Vinnova. The postdoctoral researcher will contribute to the research agenda of the "Twin Re-Fab" project, aimed to deliver a comprehensive solution employing six disruptive digital technologies - digital twins, 3D scanning, computational design, robotic 3D printing, machine vision and machine learning - to facilitate more circular architectural renovation and reuse of existing building components and materials.

Postdoc in robot vision for architectural 3D printing applications
Support / Re: Woven CMD not working
January 16, 2023, 12:47:59 PM
Stitch together or weave together. There is not enough information in this post to really help..

Are you interested in innovative research in the field of robot-assisted clay construction and are motivated to supervise students of architecture in structural design in exercises, seminars and drafts? Then we are looking for you as a research assistant at the Institute of Structural Design (ITE) of the
Technische Universität Braunschweig in the team of Harald Kloft and Norman Hack.

Ideally, you have professional experience as a civil engineer in the field of structural design or other areas of structural engineering.

Link here
General Discussion / Re: Rendering and Visulization
January 15, 2023, 04:45:28 PM
Or use the play feature in core analysis and simply record your screen. bit less intensive and quicker than the animate number slider in GH. But both work!
Tutorials / Re: Video Tutorial - Turntable
January 08, 2023, 05:09:57 PM
My more advanced videos have been moved to Patreon to support me in making more content moving forward, you can find this one here for Graduate tier patrons and above:
Hello all,

There are many things I love in this world, two of the biggest are KUKA robots and KUKA|prc - a match made in heaven but following that is being able to eat and have some fun. While I love sharing my passion and creating YouTube content, and as much as I wish it did, unfortunately the returns are virtually 0 for the amount of time and effort I put in. That is why I have decided to put the more advanced KUKA and Grasshopper videos available on my Patreon: Karl Singline. If you're a 'Professor' tier, you have access to all my higher level educational content, as well as a chance to ask me questions that I will get back to as many as possible. I have now made this introduction to 3D printing and extrusion available there and intend on doing a follow up more in-depth video on the topic soon.

Hope this helps.
My more advanced videos have been moved to Patreon to support me in making more content moving forward, you can find this one here for Professor tier patrons and above:
Develop parametric 3D models and manufacturing strategies for 3D printing concrete elements in Grasshopper-based prototyping.
Integrate your models into our fully digital process and test them on our Concrete Aeditor.
Provide feedback and deliver innovation for the advancement of Robotic Shotcrete Printing (RSP).
Help users of our technology develop new component designs, opening new use cases for 3D printing.
Be part of mutual sparring in a multi-disciplinary team, as well as knowledge sharing and coaching.

You have studied architecture or construction engineering and specialized in the direction of digital fabrication
You are not afraid to work with the most innovative producers in the precast concrete industry and develop manufacturing solutions with them.
You're totally curious about how design and fabrication in the construction industry will evolve in the future through digitized technologies
Your Grasshopper and Rhino skills are outstanding, and you have a desire to develop your programming skills on an unprecedented technology.
You speak and write English fluently and are proficient in C# or another modern programming language (e.g., Rust or Python).
Experience in programming robots would be ideal!
sure, you could also test changing the TURN variable to turn axis 6 in the alternative, less efficient direction to avoid maxing out the axis.